Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tea-light candle holder

I decided to make my friend a tea-light holder out of worn barn wood for Christmas.  She has a beautiful country farm house and this will fit in with her decor.

I found a piece of wood in my shop about 3 3/4" wide and an inch thick.  I cut a piece about 16" long.
Then I cut two pieces about 1" wide from the same board for "feet."

I gathered up my tea-lights and traced their circular base centered on the wood so that I could fit 5 candles along the width.

The circles were cut out with my little trim router, to a depth of about 1/2 that of the metal base of the candle. (You could use a drill press with a forstner bit, but I didn't have the right size for that, so "I did it my way!")

I used my table saw to cut out notches for the feet. I ran it by a few times until it was the correct width.
(You could use a dado blade, but I was too lazy to set it up, so "I did it my way!")

I glued in the feet and gave the whole thing a touch-up sanding only since I want this to remain rustic looking.

I hope she likes it!



  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by and for your comment. No, I didn't get your message, I think it may have gone to an old account. I will look for your email address on your blog, and if I can find it, I will send you an email. Have a great day and Happy New Year.

  3. Love the candleholder's rustic simplicity. I'm sure she will love it. The quilted table runner is awesome too.

  4. Oh, Julie. I love that. Such an easy project that is great for an old piece of barn wood that you don't know what to do with.

  5. Wow, sorry for commenting on every back post I'm finding this morning, but WOW, I love this, it's a perfect decor piece, and with the right tools is a good starter project (but of course, you make everything look so easy that I could be very wrong about that "starter project" part, LOL)


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