Tea-light candle holder

I decided to make my friend a tea-light holder out of worn barn wood for Christmas.  She has a beautiful country farm house and this will fit in with her decor.

I found a piece of wood in my shop about 3 3/4" wide and an inch thick.  I cut a piece about 16" long.
Then I cut two pieces about 1" wide from the same board for "feet."

I gathered up my tea-lights and traced their circular base centered on the wood so that I could fit 5 candles along the width.

The circles were cut out with my little trim router, to a depth of about 1/2 that of the metal base of the candle. (You could use a drill press with a forstner bit, but I didn't have the right size for that, so "I did it my way!")

I used my table saw to cut out notches for the feet. I ran it by a few times until it was the correct width.
(You could use a dado blade, but I was too lazy to set it up, so "I did it my way!")

I glued in the feet and gave the whole thing a touch-up sanding only since I want this to remain rustic looking.

I hope she likes it!

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