Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cat door

I have two indoor cats that use a litter box in the laundry room.  Rather than keep the door open for them, I decided to make a cat door.  I've never done this before, but what could be difficult about cutting a hole in the door and framing it?  The door needed to be painted anyway.

First I drilled a hole in each corner of where I wanted the cat door to be.  I decided to make it in the "panel" of the door so that it would look neater.  Then I cut around with my jigsaw to make a square opening.

After that, I made some wood pieces to fit into the sides of the hole I cut.  I made grooves in the wood so that it could be held in place with glue and sit a bit inside the door's outer and inner skins.

The framing was glued into place...

and then painted turquoise!
I haven't yet put any type of flap on the door, so for now it will stay like this.

* Edited to add: I did put a flap on the door, so the cat could come and go*


  1. Great job.. I have an indoor old (14yrs) cat and she will not go out.. she is afraid...I'm thinking of getting her a pal.. will keep your plans for another date..

  2. Love the color! Thanks for joining Idea Sharin' Wednesday at Women Who Do It All! Don't forget to stop by and enter this week's giveaways!

  3. I love the color of that door...and I love cats. I would love you to link this post on Favorite Things Friday!

  4. Totally wonderful! Big Kudos!
    smiles, alice

  5. Love it! Much nicer looking than the one that falls apart all the time I got at the pet store! Love the turquois too! Great job!:)

  6. I really like this idea. I did a cat door once and the cats wouldn't use it with the flap on it. Guess they weren't smart enough. lol.

  7. Great idea! I love the turquoise paint too.

  8. Thanks Julie for sharing this link with me. I think I'd rather put it in the wall rather than the door... but I may not do anything at all. lol



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