Thursday, July 15, 2010

Enjoying Life in the Country

I really enjoying living in the country and all the animals, birds and plants that we see here.

We have an Eastern Phoebe who has nested inside our wood shed. Phoebes are known to have two broods per season and ours just finished with her first brood and within a few weeks was using the same nest for her second.

Phoebes are flycatchers and I often see her with an insect of some type hanging from her beak.  Here she is sitting on the electrical wire waiting for me to get farther away from her babies so that she can feed them:

And here they are waiting for mom:

We have a long driveway to the road that is lined with wild raspberry bushes.  They were here when I moved in, but have spread considerably over the last few years:

Just this minute, a large hare hopped down my drive and a white-throated sparrow sat on my deck rail and let out his beautiful song!

I love the country.

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