What a steal!

I usually make my own panels and parts for furniture but I could not pass up this deal.  I was looking at a local place that sells used clothing, books, furniture, etc.  They often have old doors there, but usually they are just the flat slab type. The doors range from $2 to $50 and half of them have no price on them at all.  I found this pair of unpriced hinged doors  and expected they would be at least $20 - $40 each.

Here is the front, painted white:

The backs are wood, unfinished:

Here's a closeup on the raised panel:

I wondered if I should get them and make something out of them?  I had in mind one of my old woodworking magazines where there is a kitchen island made out of an old five-panel door. These doors I found would make a larger island, since each panel is larger than in the plan here:

 Or, I could leave them as doors and use them in my shop which needs interior doors.  These sections are 18" wide, so each door is 36" and so the two together are about 72" wide. Should I ask the price or just leave them and finish one of the many, many other things I had still to do without taking on something else? 

I looked at the doors, then walked away, then walked back and a young man who worked in the shop was nearby so I asked him the price.  He didn't know so he had to go and ask someone else.  He came back and said they were $2 each.  That is really $1 per side, which each has four wood panels in it.  I just about fainted, since I know the time it takes to make raised panels like that, and thought they must be mistaken to charge so little.  I quickly said I wanted them and moved to the cash register to pay for my find.  I kept thinking someone was going to change their mind and tell me they made a mistake.

What a steal for $4!!