Signs, signs, and more signs!

I have been busy making signs.  I make my own frames from old pallets and the middle panel from scrap plywood left over from building my workshop. The signs are all constructed, designed and hand painted by myself.

The frames are made from boards that are first ripped in half lengthwise and then a groove is cut down the full length to receive the thickness of the plywood.
These will be the top and bottom rails.  

The side stiles are made with a tenon cut to fit into the groove of the rails. 
This photo is taken with the pieces standing up to show the grooves and tenons:

When the sign is glued together, the pieces lay flat:

Here's a longer sign than the one above to show how I transfer the lettering to the sign.
I find a font that I like on my computer and blow it up to the appropriate size for the board I'm using.
The letters are printed out and then taped together if necessary.

Underneath I put a sheet of carbon transfer paper as you see here:

Sometimes the paper needs to be taped to the sign so that it doesn't move.
Then I trace around the edges with a pencil:

 Here you can see the beginning of the letter "F":

And here are all of the letters transferred to the board:

Then you paint between the lines using a brush size that will fit the letter size:

Here is the painted sign on plain boards without any finish on them:

Here is the same sign with an amber shellac over it:
That Fresh Eggs sign is 23 1/2" long  x 9"wide x 7/8" thick.

This ANTIQUES sign is 30 1/2" long x 9" x 7/8":

Here are a few more styles:

This Cafe sign was first stained with the steel wool and vinegar mix that I use on barn board edges and I explained here in another blog posting.
 It has a really nice old look to it, that the photo doesn't completely capture:

I also do personalized signs.  This one I made for my friend with the last name Taylor, who was married in 1980:

And here is one I made for myself:

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Everything I make is for sale, so if you see something you like, please contact me.