Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Black Horse Ranch sign

  This is one of my favorite signs I've ever made:

Black Horse Ranch $50

 It's 14" x 28" and the side edges are purposely not cut straight.  I search the internet for interesting shapes, this horse outline is called a silhouette. 

This is pallet wood, holes and all still there.  I used my vinegar-and-steel-wool mixture left overnight in a jar and then with water added and brushed on like a stain.

I handpainted the letters, curving the top ones just a bit and then the horse.  It just needed a little something else so I added the horseshoes.  

I just made up the Black Horse Ranch and while writing this thought I should "google" it.  And there is one... in Wyoming... I LOVE Wyoming! So that is cool, but I just chose letters that would look nice with the black horse silhouette.

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  1. Beautiful! Love it!
    Would you believe that I missed Miss Mustardseed's party again? Hopefully I remeber Friday...

  2. Thank you very much, that’s the thing I will find.


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