I made this sign for my friend Pam King, whom I met at my high school reunion in May 2010.  We didn't go to school together, she is younger, but we did hook up due to my lack of being able to back into a parking spot at the arena that the reunion party was held at. Pam helped direct me into the spot and a friendship was made. Since that time Pam and I have got to know each other through emails and blog postings. 

Pam has had to live through an incredibly difficult time, which all mothers fear, and which Pam describes on   FroZen LemonZ   , her inspirational blog as 
" life was great, I was an established Real Estate Broker, had raised my 3 sons
... then life collapsed when my youngest son was killed"

Pam has told her readers about my business (which you can read about HERE ) to help others BELIEVE that they, too, can change their lives.

I thank Pam for blogging about me, but more so for her friendship and her encouragement to myself and others.

(Everything I make is for sale, so if you see something you like, please contact me.)