Saturday, April 30, 2011

Family Tree Sign

I've been busy working on some things including this original hand painted © 21" diameter family tree sign made from reclaimed pallet wood:


This sign can be personalized in any way and makes a great gift.  
For sale at follow your heart woodworking for $75 plus shipping.
The outer and inner rings are v-grooves, nail holes and imperfections remain from the original pallet use.

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  1. Very nice Julie! How did you apply the lettering? Your DIY fans over at SNS (me included) would love to know! :) Love the tree!


  2. Thanks Donna, it's all hand painted as are all of my signs. I use carbon paper to trace the lettering from a computer printout of the font I've chosen.

  3. Very nice! I am so impressed with your hand painting :D

  4. I am in love with all your creations. This is heirloom piece :) Thanks for visiting me- hope to see you around again!


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