Friday, May 20, 2011

Shutter and Pallet Wood Creation - part 6

The cupboard is nearing completion, I really hope some of you are following along to see how I design and put together pieces.  I have not had any comments, so it's hard to know if what I am saying is making any sense!

Anyway... You can start at part 1 here

I need to put dadoes in the sides and back where the middle shelf and bottom panel will be.
*Dadoes = grooves in wood that run perpendicular to the grain*

I am using my 3/8" diameter router bit and my router table.  The middle shelf groove is about 12" down from the top, the bottom groove needs to be precisely made so that the bottom panel will meet the top of the bottom rail. (this will make more sense when you see the 3rd photo)

Once all the dadoes are done the space has to be measured for the exact size of the bottom panel as well as the middle shelf.  They both will fit into the dadoes as well as around the corners of the legs.  Here is the bottom piece clamped in place:

You can see in the next photo how the bottom panel will fit up against the front bottom rail.  There is a slight space there but once it is glued and clamped it will appear as if it is one continuous piece of wood from the back of the shelf to the front:

The middle shelf will come out to just behind where the shutter door will fit, that way when the door is closed the back of it will touch up against the middle shelf:

This is all just fit together like a puzzle, one piece fitting into the next.  The only parts glued are the back panel glued to the back legs.  Next I will have to think about making a top piece.

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  1. Hi Julie,

    I'll admit to following but not having a clue as to what the terms are or how you're doing it. Have you had any thoughts of perhaps videotaping some of your steps?

    We are definitely in advanced woodworker territory here! :)


  2. Thanks for your honesty, Donna. I thought I was explaining it very basically and step-by-step.

  3. Julie, I think it depends who your target audience is. For beginner DIY types, I don't even know how to properly glue one piece of wood to another. :)

    Your instruction is good and precise, if you know how to do it. You may do well with offering a beginner's woodworking series. Something to think about!



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