Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Whiteboard Frames for Vicky's Bakery

As I've said before, I've been appearing at the local Farmer's Market.  (Perhaps "appearing" isn't the correct word... it makes it sound like I'm performing there.)

Anyway, a great baker there named Vicky needed some new signs for her display.

I used pine and made a frame similar to the blackboard frames I made here. Each frame piece has a groove cut into the inner edges that fits the whiteboard.  You can buy whiteboard at most DIY type building stores.

She needed the signs to stand, so I put a cross piece on the back with a small hinge to another "leg" piece.

This probably shows it better:

A small chain keeps the leg from going out too far. I painted "Vicky's Bakery" and a small drawing of a rolling pin, canister, pastry and pie:

I made two signs, one is used for bread (this is Vicky's mom sitting behind it and delicious bread in front)

The second sign is the same width but longer (this is Vicky and her brother with her boxes of pies for sale)
When she sells out of a particular type of pie or bread, she wipes that one off her list. Vicky often sells out or leaves the market with very few products left.

Any weight gain I get over the next few weeks will be blamed on Vicky, her pies are delicious,  last week I brought home an apple AND a blueberry... YUMMY!

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  1. Your whiteboards certainly give a professional look to Vicky's display.

  2. GREAT project, loved the pics of each different stage! Hmmm...thinking of Christmas gift ideas and wondering if these would be good for my grandsons' bedroom doors...well thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment on my pine armoire painted blue post, Julie. I agree and love stained pieces too, but this piece wasn't a great handmade or heirloom piece, just a cheapy (maybe old IKEA?) piece that was too orange toned for us. I love a mix of wood stained and painted pieces in our home and would really like to try some milk paint one of these days. Hope you have a great week, friend. We are having a cold and wet weekend here in s.Ontario.

  4. Julie! you are so talented. I love your whiteboard frames!

  5. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for the comment on my drift wood sign. Yes, transparency sheets can be found at any office supply store. They are (or at least used to be before technology took over) used in presentations with an overhead projector.


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