Sunday, October 30, 2011

Today Celebrating our 7th Anniversary

I don't often post about things other than my woodworking, but today is a special day, and so is tomorrow, so I'm posting family topics two days in a row.

I "followed my heart" out of a bad situation in 1997 and eventually met the love of my life, Eric.

Eric and I got married 7 years ago today.  In attendance were my three children, a wedding officiant and a photographer.  It was the most wonderful day, everything was perfect!

Of course the children are now looking different than they did that day 7 years ago, so I treasure the photos of them (Daniel, Laura & Bryan)

Don't forget to always...
        follow your heart


  1. Happy Anniversary to you two lovebirds! :)
    Hope you had fun celebrating!

  2. Happy Anniversary you two! Love hearing abit more about you. :)


  3. As you can tell I'm behind on my reading and just getting caught up. Happy Anniversary. Shows how following your heart is the right thing to do, always.
    You look so happy! Here's to a lifetime of happiness.


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