Donny Osmond and me!

First I must say that this has absolutely nothing to do with woodworking!

Donny Osmond was on Dr. Phil today.
Photos of Donny used to be on my wall in my bedroom, along with Michael Jackson and David Cassidy.

On my 50th birthday my husband and I were on a vacation in Las Vegas and my husband surprised me with VIP tickets to the "Donny and Marie" show at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino.  This meant that not only were we in the front row for the show, but we got to meet Donny afterwards.

The show was amazing.  After, I had Donny Osmond speak with me, wish me a happy birthday, and put his arm around me for a photo!

It was a great experience and happened because my husband wanted me to have a special day.  (Oh yes, he is in the photo and was there too!)  I love my husband!