Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Donny Osmond and me!

First I must say that this has absolutely nothing to do with woodworking!

Donny Osmond was on Dr. Phil today.
Photos of Donny used to be on my wall in my bedroom, along with Michael Jackson and David Cassidy.

On my 50th birthday my husband and I were on a vacation in Las Vegas and my husband surprised me with VIP tickets to the "Donny and Marie" show at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino.  This meant that not only were we in the front row for the show, but we got to meet Donny afterwards.

The show was amazing.  After, I had Donny Osmond speak with me, wish me a happy birthday, and put his arm around me for a photo!

It was a great experience and happened because my husband wanted me to have a special day.  (Oh yes, he is in the photo and was there too!)  I love my husband!


  1. Very cool. I'm just a wee bit younger (turning 47) and my sister and I didn't have Donny or David or Michael on our wall. We knew of them, but they weren't popular with our classmates. Our teen idols were Leif Garrett, David's younger half-brother Shaun Cassidy, and Greg Evigan. Our walls were covered in their posters, most courtesy of Tiger Beat magazine. We would spend time on recesses mooning over their images in the magazines. Silly girls.

  2. I am with Elizabeth, except that for some reason I don't recall Greg Evigan. I do remember Parker Stevenson though. :)
    Yes, we were rather silly.
    But what a great birthday present your husband gave you. The whole thing sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. Oh my gosh... what a birthday gift! Happy Bday my friend! That's one you won't forget anytime soon! :)


  4. How cool is that! I never missed the Donny & Marie Show. Happy Birthday.

  5. Sorry this wasn't clear from the post, but my birthday with Donny was in July 2010. I just posted now because I saw Donny on Dr. Phil and it brought back good memories

  6. That is crazy! I had a Donny and Marie dolls when I was little ! I LOVED them!

  7. I remember my neighbor was a crazy Donny fan. Don't remember when or how but she had a picture taken with him and she didn't wash for a week! Very sweet of your hubby - he's a keeper <3


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