Making a Side Table my Own Way - Part 1

Many years ago I went to an auction and bought some 14" tall wooden legs.  I think I have 14 of them, which is an odd number, but anyway, this is what they look like:

Now, the problem with these legs is that they are round at the top, not square. Most legs have a square section at the top to which one could attach flat boards to be the apron, or skirt.  So, for me to make a side table I cannot just nail or screw these legs to a flat apron.  PLUS, the fancy rolls at the top would get covered by a traditional apron because they are so near to the top.

Q:  How to put four round pegs in a square hole?

A:  Who says it has to be square?

I decided to make the table a three legged table with a triangular apron.  Let's add more geometric shapes to the mix, eh?

Now, on top of all that confusion, I had this 20" clock sign that I made and had always wanted to be a table top...

So, if you are still with me, I'm going to have a round table top on a triangular base with 3 legs!

Here's what I planned out:

Still, the problem exists of how to attach the legs to the side aprons and also how to allow the top two "rolls" part of the leg to show?

How WILL she do it?

Stay tuned for part 2, hopefully tomorrow if I don't get side-tracked...

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