Making a Side Table my Own Way - Part 2

You can read part 1 in my previous post here

I'm trying to make a triangular table base with 3 legs and a circular top.

Okay, to make the base, I cut the apron pieces out of pine at 60 degrees:

The ends are such that one end overlaps the one beside it, which I'm really not sure how to explain other than that and each end is different, with one going past the adjacent piece.  Perhaps the photo will show it:

In order to have the legs show their "rolls"
 I will cut a groove in each apron piece at a point which will allow the leg to show itself below the apron. So the groove already in the top of the leg will line up with the bottom of the apron.

Inside the groove will sit triangular pieces of plywood that the legs will be screwed into:

This is the bottom of the apron, so, each leg will sit on the triangle and that allows more of the leg to show than if it sat directly on the bottom of the table top.

I'm hoping this hasn't caused some of you to stop reading, this is unconventional but please stick with me!

Here's the apron upright, you can also see the grooves put in to hold the Z clips that I use to attach the table top:

Everything was glued together, not so easy to do, because of the angles, but the plywood triangles were a tight fit and they helped hold things together. I also used a few finishing nails at each vertex.

The legs were then screwed in to the plywood triangles and I put a quick coat of stain (using my steel wool and vinegar mix as I did here) over the whole base:

I'll show the finished table in my next post!

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