Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sandwich Board for the FARM

I have some of my things for sale at a great little store in downtown North Bay, Ontario called The FARM.
FARM stands for Fashion Art Retail Market and has things for sale by creative people, most whom are local.  This includes jewellery, soap, photos, clothing, bags and, of course, my wood signs!

The owner Katie, who sews beautiful garments, asked if I could make her a sandwich board to sit on the sidewalk outside her shop... of course I said YES!

Here it is in use in front of the store (thanks to Liz Lott for the photo)

The sandwich board was to be about 2' wide x under 4' tall and needed to have two sides with a chalk board on each side that Katie could write on.  Since she likes my pallet wood signs, she wanted the frame made from pallet wood.

This is how the frame would look, I'll show it first and then explain the making of it:
At the top, the cross piece will run right across and join the side legs in a half lap joint.
For the half lap, half of the wood is taken from each piece so that they, together make one thickness. To do this I use my table saw and dado blades.  
Dado blades take the place of one saw blade and allow more wood to be taken in one pass of the blade.  I set mine to about 3/4" wide and then run across the blade a few times to get the width I need off the wood.  The blades are set at a height that will take off half the thickness of the wood.
This is what each piece looks like with the half lap made:
You can see here how the corner comes together when both pieces have half of their thickness removed:
and this is the corner put together:
For the bottom crosspiece, the vertical piece is the same but the leg will have half it's thickness removed about 2/3rds of the way down the leg and not at the end of the leg:
Here it is put together, showing the back side:

and from the front:

To keep the frame together I use exterior wood glue and strong clamps to hold it for about an hour.

I use hardboard for the chalk board portion and paint it two coats of chalk board paint.  I painted the logo of the FARM on the top, right on the black paint.

The hardboard was cut 3/4" wider and taller than the space between the frame, so to get the chalk board to fit behind the frame, I routed out about 3/8" wide and the depth of the hardboard. The board then sits in this opening:

This frame will be dry-brushed with white paint.  The raw wood is quite light and I stain it darker with my steel wool in vinegar stain so that where the white paint doesn't cover, you see a medium colour of wood.

Raw Wood

Stained Wood

The white paint is dry-brushed over the whole frame. 

 Of course, there are TWO frames, so that they can sit back to back and make the sandwich board:

The chalkboard is tacked on the back into the groove previously made:

I put two hinges at the top of the sandwich board joining the two frames:

Katie, the store owner said she "loved it" so...
another satisfied customer!

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  1. Very well done! Your work is always top notch and reliable!!

  2. great job Julie! Love how the sandwich board turned out. You did a fabulous job including the logo on top.


  3. Too bad me and woodworking equipment don't get along. Nicely done project!

    Popped in from Time Travel Thursday.

  4. Julie you just do great work - even with a simple sandwich board you go the extra mile. I have no doubt the owner is pleased - who wouldn't be!

  5. Came over from Shabbilicious. thanks for the detailed instructions - I can dream that I would actually be able to create this beauty!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  6. How great that you have some things for sale in the shop, and cute board too.

  7. I love it, I have got to make one of these! Now that my husband has cleared some of this stuff from the garage I can get to my table saw again. Happy days!

  8. Featured this wonderful post on the ranch's FB page, so grab a cowgirl up featured button if you like.

  9. thanks for the how to's!!

    great work!

    barbara jean

  10. I'm not very good with power tools but you almost make me think I could do this. :D Thanks for linking up this week.

  11. Very cute! I can think of so many great uses for a sandwich board...pinning this now! -Lauren


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