My Workshop - Part 3 - Ceiling joists and finishing the outside

This is a continuation of my workshop/garage build from 4 years ago.

In order to be able to have a 40’ building without interior walls other than one right down the middle, we needed to have joists that would carry across the width of the building and give us room above for storage. Regular trusses don’t allow for much empty space for storage, so we had joists designed with our particular needs taken into account.
The joists are I beam style, 40’ long and sixteen inches deep. They needed to be placed 16” OC, so that meant an order of 30 plus rim board, a 1” thick 16” deep board that runs around the outside of the joists.
We rented a backhoe and used the front bucket to first move the joists as close as possible to the front of the garage and then to raise each joist up to balance on the framing.

The joists which were initially laid down flat, were pushed to the back to keep them out of the way of the other joists that were stood up and attached one at a time, working from the front to the back.
Plywood on first joists to make a platform and to give my husband a place to stand on to get the rest of the joists into position:

The backhoe was then used to lift plywood up on top of the joists and this was used as a floor for the upstairs loft area:

It was time for aspenite to go on the outside of all the framing:

The next step was to put some windows and doors in and cover the outer aspenite with typar:

To be continued...
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