My Workshop - Part 4 - The attic and roof

Now where were we?  (I am blogging about our build, this is from Sept. 2008, so four years ago)
Oh yes… we have to start the upper floor, I am going to call it the attic.
Let me remind you that my husband did all of this part completely on his own. I was recovering from carpal tunnel surgery and unable to carry anything or hammer or do much at all other than supervise! There were no stairs yet, so all the pieces had to be pulled up from the front or brought up on a ladder. It was a lot of heavy work for one person and a heck of a lot of pieces.
He started by making the upper front wall in two pieces:

He then made, similarly the back wall and put up a roof ridge and two 4’ tall knee walls.

Rafters then had to be placed that met the ridge and were notched to be rested on the knee walls and again on the top edge of the side walls.

It was Sept. 2008 at this point and the next step was putting plywood on the roof. Of course all of this plywood (to cover a garage of 40’ x 40’) had to be lifted up through the attic and most of it was nailed from the inside and reaching out. 

We put up the garage door and got a truck load of fine gravel to keep the front area smooth and neat for the upcoming winter season.

Because I thought it was dangerous for my husband to do and we were running out of time before the cold weather struck, we hired a local roofer to put up the steel roof:

At some point during this time it was my job to make the stairs. They lead up to the attic from the back of my workshop and across the back wall. Since I am the chief photographer, somehow I didn’t take shots of the making of these stairs as I went, I’m not sure why but I wish I had them. It was my first attempt and turned out really well after all my calculations. This is all I could find from that time:
(This is my side of the project, 40' deep and 20' wide - all for my workshop!)

Hopefully I'm not boring you, more to come tomorrow!

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