Friday, October 19, 2012

My Workshop - Part 6 - Paint and casings

My shop is divided into a front room that will be used for assembly and finishing and the larger workshop part at the back. Here’s a rough sketch of the layout:

Early in 2010 I painted all the OSB walls with 2 coats of Kilz original primer, this is the side wall:

The front room with insulation only:

and with the OSB:
I put two coats of primer on and then painted with white paint because I could still slightly see lines from the OSB through only one coat of primer:

The front window and door badly needed some casing:

First I made the window jambs, the bottom extends out and makes a sill: 
(these aren’t curved, it’s just poor photography on my part)

The casing is pine, covered with many coats of polyurethane:

The door has a matching casing style:

It looks so much nicer this way. The side windows have a matching casing style which I completed this year and already blogged about here with more detailed photos of each step.

A few more posts on the workshop and I'll be up to date...


  1. Good luck on creating your workshop! Jon is hoping to finally start getting his together within the next few months! Excited to watch your progress!

  2. Look like a fancy shop to me! Enjoy your hours there!


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