Making Interior Pine Doors - Part 1: the plan

Somehow, finishing my workshop is last in line when I have things to do.  I've been wanting to make interior doors for two places in my shop for the last few years.

The first doorway is between my front room and my workshop:

The second doorway is wider and is between my workshop and my husband's adjoining garage:

(Garage side blurred to protect the guilty innocent)
I am going to make my own doors, not just because I would have to special order for the sizes I need, but I'm going to make them because I CAN!

To join the parts I will use the Haunched Mortise & Tenon joint at the top and bottom of the doors.

This gives a long tenon on the rail (horizontal crosspiece) to go into the mortise of the stile (vertical piece), necessary for something as large as a door.

Here's what one door will look like, with plexiglass in the top section.

Each of the top and bottom joints, so 4 on this door alone, will be with the haunched mortise and tenon.

I'll post more details next time...

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