Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Flower Crate from Pallet Wood

I made this crate from pallet wood I had and 3 Mason type jars that I bought at the grocery store, that once contained spaghetti sauce.
To get the correct length to cut, I put the jars right on a piece of wood and put some scraps between to represent the dividers, allowing just enough space to fit the jars in with a bit of room on each side. For my jars the length was 12 1/2".

I used the full width of my wood (it is 3 5/8") so that is the height of the crate as well as the inside bottom width.

I placed one board on the bottom and the two upright sides and measured to get the size of the end pieces.  I cut those and also the middle dividers which fit between the sides. I used a pin nailer to attach the parts together.

I applied a quick coat of my vinegar and steel wool mixture and let that dry, then I dry brushed white paint over the top. After that I hand painted "Les Fleurs" on one side and "Flowers" on the other.

I sold this crate, along with the jars and the flowers shown, at the first Farmers' Market I took it to.  So many of my items have gone to the market and home again many times and this sold only a few days after I made it.  Wish I could figure out what people want... I'm not sure if I should make another one?


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  1. Are you kidding me Julie?
    I think you should make a whole slew of them - it's gorgeous!!!
    AND it sold - that tell's you right there!
    Easy to manage - easy to transport - and it's just beautiful

  2. I think it's perfectly sweet Julie! I saw make several more! :)


  3. So cute! I'd definitely make some more to take :) It is hard to know what people like and will buy. I find that with my soap fragrances...sometimes one is really popular so I make more, then it sits.

  4. It's totally charming! No wonder it sold quickly (although I soooo share you're bafflement at why/when things sell)

  5. Love this project! Would love for you to share at Simple & Sweet Fridays. New Follower!

  6. How cute! You must find better pallets than me. The ones I get are thin wood slats over thin frames.

  7. Love this...these are so in right now! No question about it...make more!!

  8. Love this! Thank you for sharing at the final Rustic Restorations Weekend linky party!

  9. Love this, no wonder it sold. Could it be the aged finish and/or the bilingual flowers/fleurs that made it go so quickly? Hope you are keeping well, Julie.

  10. What a GREAT idea! I love it! I know just what you mean about not being able to figure out what people want to buy. It's always a guessing game. (


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