Friday, May 24, 2013

You Are My Sunshine

Here's my newest sign made from pallet wood coated with shellac and hand painted.
The sun graphic is from The Graphics Fairy.

13 3/4" diameter, $50
Check my "For Sale" page for this and other products.


  1. What a great sign. It's perfect for summer.

  2. super cute Julie! LOVE the graphics fairy!

  3. Love your sdtuff but you should be adopted your fur babies! There are so many loving dogs waiting for their forever home!!!!!!!

    1. I will gladly discuss this with you. If people can't be bothered to spay and neuter their animals, then it is THEY who are the problem people not me. I choose a dog breed that I want and by buying from a breeder I get exactly that breed. I have adopted cats, and a dog, but purebred dogs are wonderful and I do not feel you should be chastising me because I did my homework and did not ever let any animal reproduce.


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