Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Union Jack

I made a Union Jack sign about a year ago and posted it here

It's still for sale, but I made another one anyway.

This flag sign is made with pallet wood glued together vertically. I have very solid, almost 1" thick wood from pallets. I used seven pieces that are just over 3 1/2" wide and total 25", I cut them each 12 1/2" long.

There is something fascinating about the way the Union Jack is designed.  Maybe it's my mathematical mind that likes it, but I think it's great.

I found this online and it shows how to correctly paint the flag with the proper proportions:

Note that the side angled parts are six sections with the middle line running through the corners.  Then the stripes are painted with three, or half of the sections white and two red and another white section.  It's important that the larger white section is always on the bottom, or last, going clockwise. (1 white, 2 red, 3 whites always in that order as you go around the flag starting at the northeast quadrant)

Also note that the width of that middle diagonal stripe (all 6 parts) is the same as the width of the large red cross.

As I said, I find it fascinating...

After painting I sanded off the paint, to make it look distressed, using my Random Orbital Sander (ROS) and then I wiped over the whole thing with a brown stain. It took me over 2 1/2 hours just to paint the flag!

Here's a closeup:

This new Union Jack sign is for sale for $50.

The first Union Jack I painted was made with some pine tongue and groove wood I had and for that one I ran the wood horizontally:

I'm also working on a Canadian flag, I'll post that soon.

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  1. I'm terrified to try that kind of design, although i love seeing them on dressers and such. I don't think they'd sell around here (maybe in 10 years after the trend is over, lol). I love it on the wood, though, so cool.

  2. I think you did a great job... that diagram was enough to make me say huh-wha?
    No mathematical mind here! Did you use painter's tape? or freehand it all?
    super job Julie!

  3. I love it! I've never paid close attention to those lines -Wow, lot's of math!

  4. It's fantastic Julie!
    And I don't find it fascinating - I find it totally frustrating lol - but that's a great " tool " you found to measure it perfectly - I do it on a wing and a prayer.
    It used to bother me like crazy when I saw them painted incorrectly - now at this point I've done it myself
    ( incorrectly lol )
    Can't wait to see your Canadian Flag - have you ever seen Kirby's dresser? She's American but her Mom's from Canada - here it is in case you haven't see it yet - it's fantastic too!

  5. so cool! love how it looks on the rustic wood!

  6. OK, that is awesomely cool Julie! (although like everyone else the math leaves me baffled....but I'm glad you like it!)


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