Recent Items Sold - Chalkboard and Sign

I just had a wonderful holiday in Prince Edward Island that I hope to blog about soon.  But since getting back a few weeks ago I have been swamped with orders.  I'm just getting around to posting some of them to show what I've been busy with.

At the local Farmers' Market I had an order for a chalkboard with a personalized cottage name on the top. I make my own frames, (I showed how in this post) this way I can make any size I like, or a buyer wants.

This is what the buyer wanted after seeing samples of other things I had made, she chose the size (13 1/2" x 19 1/2"), the paint colour (white), the style (distressed), the personalization and the font (Edwardian Script).

When the buyer and I met up again a week later (last Wednesday), she decided she wanted a chalk holder.  I used a cup handle that I had in my workshop and I'm taking the chalkboard back to the market tomorrow to give it over to the new owner.

She also ordered a sign for the front of her cottage and chose a style that matched her chalkboard:

Now I have to get busy on an etsy order for a barn board chalkboard!

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