Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bracket Shaped Sign - I will be Grateful for this day

Bracket shapes seem to be quite popular these days.  I've made a bracket shaped blackboard before, it was basically square in overall shape.  You can see it here.

Recently I saw a post at Sawdust and Embryos where they made a beautiful bracket shaped sign which was more rectangular in shape.  I even emailed Beth to ask if it was okay to copy the idea and she said "sure!"

This is what I came up with:

Beth's sign had the wood running vertically, mine was horizontal, here's her beautiful work:

As well, mine is smaller, but I am going to make more, using the wood vertically and making some larger.  I just had some pallet wood that I liked the rough graining of, so this was the maximum size I could get out of it.  I'll show you the steps.

While I didn't take a photo of this glue up, I do glue the edges of my pieces together.  No screws, no back slats, just glue.  Here's a different glue up, not this sign, but the way I glue up all my signs:

Once the glue dried I traced out a bracket shape that would fit the wood I had, 17 1/2" long was the longest I could go with this particular wood, so the width is 17 1/2".  I used 5 pieces which came to 13 1/2" in height.

I put a solid coat of turquoise paint all over the sign:

Now, I purposely picked a rough wood, this way when you sand it, your paint will stay in the lower/deeper recesses and you will sand away the paint on the higher spots.  (If your wood is smooth to start with, you will just sand most of it away and not have such a contrast)

After this, I paint on a coat of dark stain and then wipe off most of it:

I love this look, it's the same I did with my pallet table:

Then I printed out a nice saying on my computer and hand painted it with white craft paint:

Here's another way to use this bracket shaped sign, more like the original one, which uses a family name:

Thanks to Beth at Sawdust and Embryos for the inspiration and for being so generous in saying I could copy her idea. Check out her blog, she has some creative projects there.

Everything I make is for sale, please contact me if you'd like this sign or any others, or if you'd like me to make you something personalized.

This "Grateful" sign is 17 1/2" wide and 13 1/2" tall with a sawtooth hanger on the back. This sign is sold, but I can make a similar one for you. It is available through me by email, or at my etsy shop for $40.

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  1. That is gorgeous! Love love the rough wood and turquoise.

  2. I love both yours and Beth's signs..the shape is really cool, and I love how you painted and sanded yours Julie.
    Ohhh How I wish I could paint letters. But I'll just keep stenciling my little heart out.
    great job! pinning!

  3. I love Beth at S/E...hers was the very first blog I ever read! I love what you did with yours!


  4. Love, very pretty!! Happy sweet day! xx Holly

  5. I love that shape and of course the color! As usual, awesome job!

  6. That's a nice sign. You really could make it as big or small as needed, and it's such a cute original shape

  7. OMG I want one!! These are beautiful! Please come share this on DIY Sunday Showcase, a party I cohost! It opens at 5pm today!!


  8. Just gorgeous Julie - absolutely gorgeous - I may need to order one of these when I move!!!

  9. Love the shape of your signs Julie!


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