Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Son Bryan

I don't post much about my family but I am posting today about my middle child, Bryan.  This is a photo he posted on his facebook page in June after receiving his Bachelor Degree, a B. Sc. in Computer Science.

Bryan is 22 and is leaving Thursday to go to the University of Western Ontario ("Western") in London, ON for the Master's program in Computers.  I'm very proud of him and will miss him terribly.

So I'm writing this to wish the best of luck to Bryan... the only one of my three children who enjoyed Calculus like his mom did!

Monday, July 29, 2013

More Recent Items Sold

I've been busy with two Farmers' Markets this summer.  Here are a few more items I've recently sold and I've linked to their tutorials if I've posted one:

Routed out tray

Barn Board Shelf/Coat Hook

Union Jack Box

Tea Time Sign

Pallet Wood Table

Cedar Plant Markers

Can I make something for you?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Recent Items Sold - Chalkboard and Sign

I just had a wonderful holiday in Prince Edward Island that I hope to blog about soon.  But since getting back a few weeks ago I have been swamped with orders.  I'm just getting around to posting some of them to show what I've been busy with.

At the local Farmers' Market I had an order for a chalkboard with a personalized cottage name on the top. I make my own frames, (I showed how in this post) this way I can make any size I like, or a buyer wants.

This is what the buyer wanted after seeing samples of other things I had made, she chose the size (13 1/2" x 19 1/2"), the paint colour (white), the style (distressed), the personalization and the font (Edwardian Script).

When the buyer and I met up again a week later (last Wednesday), she decided she wanted a chalk holder.  I used a cup handle that I had in my workshop and I'm taking the chalkboard back to the market tomorrow to give it over to the new owner.

She also ordered a sign for the front of her cottage and chose a style that matched her chalkboard:

Now I have to get busy on an etsy order for a barn board chalkboard!

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