Another Personalized Sign

As I've written in previous posts, I've been making a lot of signs. People find me through various ways and ask if I can make them a sign.  Often they have something in mind but aren't quite sure exactly what they want.

I direct people to two tabs on my blog.  One is "Signs I've Made" and the other is "For Sale." This gives buyers the chance to look at samples with different colours, shapes, fonts and sizes.

For the sign I'm showing today, the buyer, Samantha, wanted something for her parent's trailer. She looked at the page of signs I've made and liked the sign I made for Rej and Lucie, but she didn't want the same font, nor the scrolly designs on the sides.

What she did like was the font on this Boutique sign, which is called Harrington.  I've seen this font used in local advertising, it's quite a unique font in it's style.

So, through emails back and forth we narrowed it down to a rectangular sign that is stained, with a hanging curved sign underneath, both with Harrington font.

Samantha gave this as a Christmas present and let me know that her parents were happy with it.

I enjoy creating these personalized signs for people.