A Big Change

A big change has started here for us.  My husband and I have decided to move and start a new life in a different place.

Eric is in a very stressful job and has already suffered a heart attack a few years ago at the young age of 54. Last fall he was transferred to working out of an office 5 hours away from here.  That meant leaving Sunday or Monday and returning Friday or Saturday.  He basically was only home on the weekends. A few months ago he handed in his resignation.  Today is his last day at work.

Our house is for sale, including, of course, my beautiful workshop.  It will be difficult to leave, since we made it for me, to my specifications and it is a dream workshop. (I will do a post on the interior soon, which I really haven't shown)

 But it's time for a change.

Tomorrow we leave for a trip to Prince Edward Island to look at houses and properties there. We are hoping for a quieter lifestyle. Eric will look for a job that will have less stress. I will continue my woodworking in some form.

No, we don't come from PEI, nor have any relatives or friends there. My 20 year old daughter will move with us. My sons are at university in different cities in Ontario.

Last year we went to Prince Edward Island and loved it. These are two photos I took:

I will write about my adventures, new place (we have to get ours sold first), and renovations we take on.

following my heart...

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