My Fabulous Workshop (that I'm leaving!)

I've written a bit about the building of my workshop, but really haven't shown any inside photos.

My husband and I built a 40' x 40' garage for both of us. The whole building has in-floor heat which is wonderful to work in, especially in Northern Ontario winters. The cement floor keeps the building cool in the summer as well, which is a bonus.

My side of the building is half at 20' wide x 40' deep and was designed by me as a woodworking workshop. My workshop is the right hand side of this photo:

Because of the type of woodworking I do, and the way I work, the positioning of the tools was done in an efficient way for me to work.  

Doorway 2 is the middle door from the garage side of the building. I buy rough wood and bring it in through this doorway and to the left on to the lumber rack.  When I am going to make something I take the wood first to the mitre saw, then to the jointer, the planer and the tablesaw.  This keeps me working in a counter-clockwise manner through the shop.  It works for me!

 Doorway 1 is the door to the front finishing room.  I do most of my painting in there as well as designing and sometimes gluing.  I keep my woodworking books in the front room as well as small hand tools. This is my front room:

And this is the larger workshop room:

As I've previously posted, my house and workshop is for sale.  I really don't think I'll ever have anything this wonderful... it's a dream workshop.

I will be sharing my work space at this blog party, you can see other bloggers creative spaces here:
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