Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How to Make "EAT" Letters From Pallet Wood

There are "EAT" letters all over the internet, in blogs and for sale at decor sites.  I decided to use some pallet wood to make my own... very easy to do!

I had rough pallet wood that was 2 7/8" wide that I felt would be a good width for letters. To determine what size my letters would be I simply laid down three of the pieces horizontally with some space between.  This helped me to see that with the slats being 2 7/8" wide, the "E" should be 10 1/2" high.  I then laid another piece vertically beside the horizontal pieces and figured out what width the "E" should be to look correct. The "E" is 8 1/2" wide:

Of course all letters need to be the same height, but not necessarily the same width.  Because the "A" has it's sides on an angle, the "A" (as in most fonts) will be wider than the "E".  I set up some scrap slats to get a height of 10 1/2" to match the "E" and came up with a visually pleasing width of 11" wide for the "A":

The "T" follows easily, also the same 10 1/2" high, it looked best to me at 8 3/4" wide:

I cut some thin MDF with my jigsaw, for backing for each letter. I made it about 1/2" smaller all around each letter and then glued and pin nailed from the back:

I painted the letters edges only with white and then the fronts with turquoise.  I sanded over each letter to give a distressed look.

Very easy to make, only a few cuts and you could make any letters this way! A child's name? Something for Christmas or a wedding... anything!

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  1. love the letters! I should do some for my kitchen...but I really don't have a place for them....hmmmm

    great job Julie!

  2. Saw your link at My Repurposed Life- These are great!!! I like to color and distressing too. Good job!!!

  3. Julie, they are beautiful and the perfect colour! Are they for sale?

  4. Saw your letters at Funky Junk. They are awesome... and my favorite color! -- Sabine @ Mom in Music City

  5. Very cool! It's possible that even I could do that! LOL!

  6. These look terrific! As a letter maker myself I have to say I think your technique is waaaaay smarter. The distressing is awesome too!

  7. That is such a great idea. I never would have thought of backing the letters. I like the dimension it gives them too.

  8. Love the letters, Julie! Love the color and the fact that you give dimensions. Yeah, I think they can be used both ways. ;)

  9. Glad you enjoyed your trip to PEI....there is a saying here...."if you don't like the weather....wait a minute"! During the 90's....we had winters from hell....and before the bridge was constructed...we depended on ferries...*shivers* .l Last winter...was an old fashioned winter....storms, storms and more storms. Keeping our fingers crossed this year will be kinder to us! Were you able to find a house?

  10. Your designs are beautiful!!!! Thank you! Merci!


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