Saturday, September 6, 2014

Happy Birthday and a small painting

My lovely little Chihuahua "Cisco" is three years old today!

This is a small painting I made last year on wood, from a photograph. It's 9" x 9" and painted with craft paints on pine.

Actually now, Cisco has more white around his eyes, his colouring has changed quite a bit as he aged.  Here he is today, Happy Birthday Cisco!


  1. awwww Julie! I don't know which is more adorable, Cisco or your painting of him! So cute!!!

  2. Oh how cute!! Happy birthday Cisco

  3. He is just precious, Julie!!
    That face says it all!!
    Happy Birthday Mister!!

  4. awwww, so sweet!

    Happy Birthday Cisco!

  5. So cute! Happy Birthday Cisco! Are you going to make one of Denver too? It would be a beautiful set! :)

  6. That's a good likeness. Happy belated birthday Cisco.


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