Moving Day 2

The first day of our move just happened to be our 10th anniversary ( I had to edit the date in my previous post because somehow I mixed up the days).
Anyway, who would have thought we would have been on our way to Prince Edward Island to live?  Certainly not either of us!

On Oct. 31st, which was also my daughter's 21st birthday, we woke up in Drummondville, Quebec, where we had taken a hotel room the night before. The three of us and three dogs set out after breakfast at a restaurant across the street from the hotel.

Our rides await in the hotel parking lot...

We made it to Fredricton, New Brunswick the second night and ordered Chinese food to our room.
The next day would be the day we reached Prince Edward Island.

We took the blue route shown here, just over 1000 miles!

To be continued...

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