Visiting the Lighthouse

One of our first short drives on the island was a trip to the West Point Lighthouse.  This is the one I painted on pallet wood, before I left Ontario for Prince Edward Island. I blogged about it HERE

It was a cool day, only a 20 minute drive from our place and not open right now, so the parking lot was empty and the doors closed up and no one else around.

Here again is the piece I made:

West Point sits in the Northumberland Strait, across from New Brunswick. I've put a red arrow to point it out, on the left (west) side.  We are in O'Leary, in a north east direction from West Point.
NOTE: the scale of the map, PEI is very small!

The view from the boardwalk that runs along beside the light house is fabulous.

So, when are YOU going to visit Prince Edward Island?

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