Sunday, January 19, 2014

Love is patient...

I make all my signs from scratch.  Meaning I cut them to size from larger wood, often rough wood that is planed and changed from it's original size.  This leaves me with a lot of wood scraps and at some point I have to sort through and ask myself if I will actually use them.  I swear they multiply in my wood storage boxes.  Thankfully, I can use most scraps in my outdoor wood stove or my indoor fireplace.  I do find it hard to throw out anything though, and as I'm throwing some in the fire I often hesitate and wonder if maybe I can use the wood for something!

I did save these pieces from that fate.  They are all about 1 5/8" wide and cut to different lengths from 15" - 16". I glued and nailed two cross pieces that hold these all together.  I used my steel wool and vinegar stain which I described here and then did a dry-brushing of white over top.

The saying is hand painted in black, perfect for Valentine's or any day:

16" high x 13 1/2" wide

Now, just think, these pieces of pine would have been burned up!  I think I'm going to have to really take a second and third look at my scraps from now on.

This sign is for sale for $40.  Or maybe I can make a special sign for you? Please contact me through my email at

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Another Personalized Sign

As I've written in previous posts, I've been making a lot of signs. People find me through various ways and ask if I can make them a sign.  Often they have something in mind but aren't quite sure exactly what they want.

I direct people to two tabs on my blog.  One is "Signs I've Made" and the other is "For Sale." This gives buyers the chance to look at samples with different colours, shapes, fonts and sizes.

For the sign I'm showing today, the buyer, Samantha, wanted something for her parent's trailer. She looked at the page of signs I've made and liked the sign I made for Rej and Lucie, but she didn't want the same font, nor the scrolly designs on the sides.

What she did like was the font on this Boutique sign, which is called Harrington.  I've seen this font used in local advertising, it's quite a unique font in it's style.

So, through emails back and forth we narrowed it down to a rectangular sign that is stained, with a hanging curved sign underneath, both with Harrington font.

Samantha gave this as a Christmas present and let me know that her parents were happy with it.

I enjoy creating these personalized signs for people.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter Watercolour

Although I haven't done any watercolour painting for a few years, I do enjoy it.

I just saw this painting on the wall beside me as I was on the computer and thought I'd share it.

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pallet Signs for Genn

I do a lot of custom signs, they have become the main sellers in my small business.  I deal with people mostly online where they find me through various local ads, my blog, and google searches.

These signs I made were for Genn in Saskatchewan who somehow found a local online ad of mine.  We are not local, I'm in Northern Ontario, but she found me!

She wanted a rustic, worn, pallet style of sign with the name of her cottage as well as her family's names. The signs were all painted different base colours and then I hand painted the wording in white and lightly distressed them.

We discussed through emails back and forth as to the size and colours of the signs.  I find this works well for me as I have everything in writing that way to refer to.  (Unfortunately the first try I didn't check those details well enough and spelled Genn's name with only one "n," so I had to do that one sign over.)

Anyway, at least I discovered my error before mailing it out and they were all sent to Genn who is very pleased with her signs and shared this photo with me.

I really enjoy doing these types of personalized items for people, they always appreciate something done just as they want it.

Thanks Genn for choosing me to make your signs!

(Genn has another order for me to complete, it will be my first for the new year)