New Year's Day part 2 - Meeting the Premier

As I said in my previous post, we went to two levees on New Year's Day.  The second one was at Province House which is also in Charlottetown and is the home of the provincial government. Construction on this project began in 1843.

This is the back of the building which looks identical in design to the front:

While we are not political people, we did want to attend because of the history of this building and the fact that it will soon be undergoing extensive renovations which may take up to ten years to complete.  So, the New Year's levee was the last official use of the building before these renovations begin. We had to stand in line to get inside, this is the front:

While inside we made our way up the stairs and saw the room where our founding father's met in Sept. 1864, the Confederation Chamber:

As well we saw the room where the provincial government meets and has been doing so since it was first used in 1847:

We were presented to the Premier of Prince Edward Island, Robert Ghiz and his wife Kate Ellis-Ghiz. (Excuse my confused look... an aide took my camera to use for the photos and had trouble getting it to work LOL)

(left to right): Julie, Mrs. Ghiz, Laura, Mr. Ghiz, Eric
We all learned a lot about the history of our country and our new chosen province.  

I'll get back to woodworking and renovating our farmhouse in future posts!