Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Real Pocket Door

I see people adding pocket doors and barn doors to their houses, our house has the real thing... a 4' wide pocket door between the living room and dining room.

Unfortunately we had to work really hard to get it to slide open like this.  If you look in the top right corner, you can probably see that the door is off it's track.  I believe it was like this for awhile, as the last person who painted has painted just the left stile, as that part was all that was sticking out into the room.  There actually is another section still between the walls, that you can't see, the door is three full panels wide.

We will be redoing this room and taking down the wallpaper.  When we get to that point, we will most likely have to take down the trim and maybe even part of the wall, to get the door "back on track."

Speaking of trim, the moldings in most rooms of this house are fabulous! The vertical trim here around the door is fluted and 4 1/2" wide, the baseboards are 8 1/2" deep.

In one upstairs bedroom you can see the trim around the door, including the rosettes, most likely all original to the house:

I just love all the old woodwork, even if it's been painted.  I wonder if I should strip the large pocket door down to the original wood?  All my trim will be white, but that door might look nice without paint on it, what do you think?

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  1. Oh how fabulous!!! I prefer the painted version,but when you know what kind of wood it is made of it might make your decision easier.


  2. SOoooo pretty...can't wait to see what you do!!!

  3. I have always loved pocket doors, but never lived in a home that had them. Yours with the 3 panels is pretty. I'm probably too lazy to strip paint, but I think it would be lovely as bare wood!

  4. such charm you have in that lovely old house! :)

    there is a 1905 farmhouse next door to me, and it has the same trim on the doors.

    love that pocket door....hmmm, stained? I think that would be a show stopper. but, what do I know? lol

    anxious to see y'all take that on!


  5. Your farmhouse is like straight out of a dream! The pocket door is lovely, even if stuck for now ;) I wish I could have saved an original door to the Cottage, but with the humidity inside when I bought it, no such luck. You can always strip it to original wood and repaint it if the wood isn't that beautiful!

  6. It's gorgeous Julie - and makes me miss my last place even more !!!
    I'd paint all the trim white - and stain the doors black - if you wanted the wood showing through !!!

  7. I love pocket doors, and I have white trim and stained wood doors and LOVE the look! Go for it!!


  8. Pocket doors are the best invention! (well, until they get off track and stuck in the wall - sorry about that). I've got one in my house and I keep wanting to install more but the "rip down/rebuild the wall" factor always stops me.
    Your new place does look amazingly rich in potential. Looking forward to seeing its evolution!


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