What's in the Attic?

When we bought our farmhouse on Prince Edward Island, last fall, we were told it was about 60 years old.  Research shows that it's more like 85, but I'll blog on that some other time.  Being an old house, I wondered if there were any treasures left behind over the years.

We have this small, curved top window that is in the attic.  It's centered over the two windows that are (on the left) at the top of the stairs, and (on the right) in my daughter's bedroom.

Wouldn't you want to know what is up there?  Here is how we get to it, a small hatch at the top of the stairs:

My husband put a ladder under the hatch and climbed up.  He was looking for a junction box in a spot over the bathroom so that he can do some rewiring of the ceiling light in there.  So here he is up in the attic (I took the photo standing on the top of the ladder with my head in the attic):

And when I looked more to the right, this is what I saw... a suitcase!

Unfortunately, no treasures... the suitcase was empty!

He did find a dead squirrel in a rat trap, though.  Not something I'd call a treasure.

EDITED TO ADD: Yes, Tuula (see comment below), the suitcase is a treasure in a different sort of way.  Who can give me an idea of what to do with it?

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