Wednesday, March 25, 2015

PEI Weather

I am sounding like a broken record (do those of you under 40 even know what that means?) in that I have not kept up with my blogging.  I hope to do that now that we are back from vacation.  We just had to escape the snow here on Prince Edward Island.

This is our first winter here and at Christmas time there was very little snow.  We were a little bit smug and maybe even laughed once or twice at Ontario, where we moved from, because they had much more snow than us.

Here's our house on Dec. 23, 2014

and here it is today, Mar. 25, 2015

It has been a record year for snow on the island. The light post we have beside the driveway is under the top of the snow.  I saw a blue jay standing on the snow eating out of the bird feeder that hangs from a tree branch in the front yard.  It's a lot of snow, believe me.

The back roads look like this in most places:


So, even though we still love it here, we did get away to a warmer climate.  I'll post about that next time.


  1. Every time I see photos of the snow in PEI I am amazed at the amount of snow. Happy to hear you had a vacation break.

  2. Aren't you glad you moved?? It used to snow like that in my home town when I was a kid. UGH.

    Hope spring arrives for you soon!

  3. HOLY SNOW BATMAN!!! I can't even imagine!!!!!


  4. Oh, I've never seen so much snow! Spring is on its way, only delayed somewhere!

  5. Oh my gosh! what happens when you try to pass a car on that back road? Thanks for sharing those pics Julie, It really is an eye opener for us farther south. Unbelievable.


  6. Now I see why you went on that long trip! :D


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