Guest Bedroom Makeover - part 1 - the floor

Our old farmhouse has three bedrooms upstairs and a bathroom.  The master bedroom is quite large, the other two bedrooms are about 10' x 10'. One of those rooms is for our daughter, who lives with us, and the other is a guest bedroom.  

When we moved in, last Oct. 1, almost all the walls in the house that weren't wallpapered, were painted a sandy beige colour.  This included all the lovely wide old trim.  The trim, closet door, and the walls in the guest bedroom were all painted the same beige.

This is the guest bedroom (ignore the fireplace which came with the house, we didn't have a place to put it).

Of course, we had no idea what lurked under the thick blue carpet. Actually there was another blue carpet underneath, which the photos don't really show. But this carpet in the photo below is a bit darker and shaggier than the carpet in the photo above.

 Under the carpets was very old wood flooring.  (There's a strange floor patch by the door)

The floor was basically covered in old glue of some sort, some areas thicker than others.

We decided we would paint the wood floors and my husband got the very messy job of sanding them.

This was a LOT of work, Eric needed a respirator mask and many, many belts of sandpaper. The dust was thick and everywhere. The floors came up quite nicely, but not nice enough to stain.

We then put a coat of primer on everything in the room, the closet door, trim, walls and floor.

The next step was to paint the floors.  We chose a light gray porch and floor paint and rolled on two coats.

I'll show more photos when I show the rest of the room painted!

Stay tuned to see the rest of the guest bedroom makeover... to be continued.
(Read part 2 here)

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