Trip to Biloxi - part 2

Here is the second post about my trip to Biloxi, Mississippi.  The first post is here.

Biloxi lighthouse

I forgot to include, that on our visit to "Beauvoir," the home of Jefferson Davis, there was a small presidential library on the grounds.  Inside was a mini museum with a few civil war artifacts and this hung on the wall.  I'm not sure what it was, and no one was there to ask, but being a sign maker myself I really liked it.
(approximately 20" diameter)

One of the shopkeepers we met on our trip mentioned a nice little town called Bay St. Louis that was just down the road from Biloxi.  We took a short drive there and found a cute little area with houses that were converted to shops and restaurants.  Bay St. Louis has been featured in different magazines as one of the top ten small towns in America!

We stopped for lunch at "the Buttercup"

of course I liked the sign outside:

We also shopped in a few antique stores:

This one "Antique Maison" was absolutely packed with lovely old treasures for sale:

Back in Biloxi we went to the town square and saw the Katrina monument.  It has the names of all those in the Biloxi area (including Bay St. Louis) who were taken by the hurricane in 2005. The monument was built to the height that the water came to during the storm.

Linked beside it is a beautiful mosaic:

Here is a close-up of the work:

Very close to this monument in the city is an oak tree named "the Patriarch" that is said to be 2,000 years old. This magnificent tree sits in the courtyard of "Mary Mahoney's," a restaurant that all visitors to Biloxi are told they should eat at.  (We didn't!)

We enjoyed our trip to Biloxi, let me know if you go too, it's surely much closer to most of you than a four day car drive.