Bathroom Renovation - Part 3 - New Flooring

Back to the bathroom renovation... apologies again for the thousands of you patiently waiting for an update (LOL)

The new wiring is in for lights and my hair dryer outlet and now to do the floor.  This is what we had, it was a sheet of flooring that we found to be glued down very tightly to some type of sub-floor.

We did think about ripping that out and perhaps painting the wood floor that may be underneath, similar to what we did in the guest bedroom here.  But because it was so firmly attached we thought we would just cover it with another flooring.

After considering another sheet flooring product and deciding that would not be so easy to get around the toilet (which we were leaving in place), we began to look for something else.  We found a really nice plank floor which appears to be vinyl and has sticky edges that you use to stick one piece to the next.  I had read about "allure" floors in other blogs and this seemed like the perfect thing for us.  It is easy to lay down and can be used in bathrooms.  I laid it myself and we are very pleased with the outcome.

The next job to tackle was the bottom half of the walls.  Previously they were covered with a sheet material that looks like square tiles.  You can see it here on the side wall which slants upwards and has the rose wallpaper on the top half.

This I am going to cover with beadboard.  I love beadboard...  stay tuned!

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