Guest Bedroom Makeover - part 3 - decorated (for now)

As I said previously, (see parts 1 and 2 here) I didn't chose the colour yellow for the walls, that was my husband's choice.  When it was time to buy new bedding I wanted to get some type of quilt with yellow in it and paint an old headboard white.  Unfortunately that didn't fit what he had in mind.

Here is our guest bedroom after putting in the bed and a few things on the walls.  (I added the pillow after the fact because I felt if the walls were yellow, the colour needed to be repeated in the room at least somewhere!)

The lovely drawing of the ram was done by my husband's uncle many years ago.

It's difficult to decorate a room with slanted walls as you can't hang pictures on them.  I'm not sure how the experts get around this?

The table, small floral artwork, lamp and rocking chair have been my husband's for many years (before I came in to the picture).  We do hope to get some type of rug for the area between the bed and the door.  This is what we have for now.

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