Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bathroom Renovation - Part 7 - The End

This is just a quick post for those who followed from the start of this bathroom reno.  What I needed was an outlet to plug my hair dryer into.  Well I did get that...

Plus a little bit more!

Now on to the living room.


  1. What?! How did you get my idea for that sink cabinet?!!! On my building to-do list... Lovely makeover!

  2. beautiful Julie, and happy you can now dry your hair. :)

    I look forward to following along with the living room makeover!


  3. The white bowl in the aqua is beautiful. The dresser has such great lines.
    Great tips on working the drawer around the plumbing!

  4. Pretty! The cabinet and cabinet colour are gorgeous!

  5. Oh wow, it's GORGEOUS! I need to go and read all about that beautiful vanity/dresser.


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