Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Living Room - Part 2 - Bay Window

First up in the living room was to neaten up the bay window and the wall it is on.  There was flowered wallpaper on the walls in the living room that we had to strip.

We sprayed the wallpaper with water and scraped it off with a large scraper. Under the wallpaper was a navy blue paint and under that some panel board.

Actually the blue looks like a distressed finish.
The plan was to paint the walls grey and the window trim and baseboard heaters white. My hope was that the paint would cover any unevenness in the panel board.  We did use a good primer on everything first and then a FLAT paint.  I'll show more of that in the next post, but this was what we had to cover on the bay window wall.

The trim looks fresh and I have new horizontal 2" wide white blinds that do not cover the wood trim. I wanted to keep the trim showing as much as possible.

The baseboard heaters looks so much better now that they are painted white!

I'm sure you agree, it looks fresh and new... well, as new as an old farmhouse can look.

Next post will be about the rest of the walls and then the pocket door.


  1. Love it. Do you paint those baseboard heaters with the wall paint? do they need priming? This girl wants to paint the baseboard heaters now!!

    1. I use a good primer that I use for walls and then a trim paint. It's the same I use on my baseboards and window trim. You have to open and close the baffle when painting, so it's a bit fussy, but the end result is great. I suppose some people use a metal paint, I don't. If there is any rust, your must sand and seal it (shellac or a rust primer) or it will come through the paint.

  2. Oh my, what a difference! I cannot get tired of paint transformations, it looks so fresh! Heading over to check what you've done lately. I still need to see your lil bath transformation!

  3. wow! that last picture says it all Julie!

    simply beautiful. Isn't paint awesome? wallpaper? notsomuch



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