Basement Windows @ The New Shop

Although I was concerned about getting the inside of my new workshop figured out, Eric was intent on working on much more important things.

This is one of our side basement windows:

You can see the window is broken and old and pretty much in poor shape.  Eric took it out, digging around the foundation, where he will put a window well to stop water from getting in.

Here is the new window installed:

Obviously, the trim around it and the whole house needs painting, but this alone is a big improvement.

Of course that is not the only basement window needing to be replaced.

Today it poured rain.  And we found a major problem.  The house is leaking through the bottom of the foundation, and halfway down the foundation.  Our basement had a LOT of water in it.  Thankfully the sump pump is working to remove the water, but we will need to do some major digging and repair the foundation.  Husband is not happy!

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