Open Concept

I have been poking smashing away at the future main workshop room. When I last blogged about it, this is where I was at.

 If you stand where the ladder is, in the last photo, you can see there was once a door here and a small powder room in the foreground.  The sink is still here and it is plumbed for a toilet.  But behind that is another sink and toilet.

I am going to remove the front sink and keep the back powder room for myself while I'm in the workshop. It is in the back corner of the house.  Here's a photo looking from the other way.

And another, standing beside the pedestal sink, and looking to the front of the house, to help you see where things are.

So I will close off the doorway with the pedestal sink and toilet in it, and open the other wall to the front.  I need room for my larger tools such as the table saw, jointer and planer.  A different version of "open concept" than most people are referring to when they renovate.

We have been told that at one time this house was a restaurant and also it was once a lawyer's office.  It was a family home when we purchased it, so walls must have been rearranged for the different uses and must be the reason for the odd placement of sinks and toilets.  And do you find it strange to have toilets on hardwood floors?

I took out the sink and most of the drywall.  Next I will take down the studs once Eric lets me know how we can do that safely and support the upstairs.  We may need a beam on the ceiling and some wider studs near the chimney.

While I've been doing this, Eric has installed the other two new basement windows. Here is the one at the back of the house.

As you can see, I will need to do some cedar shingle repairs before we paint.

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