Friday, August 28, 2015

Sealing up the Foundation - Hopefully!

I posted over a week ago about water leaking into our basement at the new workshop.

The solution was to dig around the foundation on the outside and apply a membrane over the outer walls.

We hired a man to come with his backhoe and dig along the edge of two sides of the house.

We had to clean as much dirt off the wall as we could. First we used a shovel and then we needed to brush the wall with a stiff wire brush.

The next step was to roll on an adhesive that helps the membrane to stick to the wall.

Then the membrane, which came in rolls, was cut into 6' long sections. These were applied side-by-side, overlapping by about 4", along the wall.  While trying to get it on straight and in the correct place, there is a backing plastic which has to be peeled off. The back of the membrane is like tar and it is VERY sticky and wants to stick to itself so it's a two person job.

We first did the back wall on Wednesday and then went home for supper, meaning to continue on Thursday morning.  But after supper we heard the weather forecast and it was supposed to be pouring rain coming so we went after our meal and quickly did the side wall.  (You can see the white membrane in the photo below)  When we got back Thursday morning, there was quite a bit of muddy water in the ditch that the backhoe had dug.

We then proceeded to feed my shop vac hose into the ditch and remove many full tubs of water.

Then some dirt was thrown into the ditch on the back wall and we are waiting for the side wall to dry up a bit before filling it in.

Such fun, and more money spent!


  1. yikes! it's always something, right?
    I've never seen anything quite like that membrane stuff.... great job!

    better to spend money now, rather than deal with water for years....

  2. I also had many water problems with my Cottage and you just did the right thing tackling to this problem first.

  3. Oh, nooooooo!!!!! The people building next to us have had water in their basement since day one. Clearly something wasn't done correctly to start. We've been sooo fortunate. We've had serious flooding in our area and our basement is bone-dry. Let's hope this is the end of your water!


  4. Ouch, that's a big job! So wise of you to get help!


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