I have put up the drywall on one side of each wall I am building.

The first one is by the stairs, which divides the workshop from the retail area. I showed how I framed the walls in a previous post.

Here is the drywall up but not taped yet.

And here it is from the workshop side:

The other wall is to separate the workshop from the small washroom which I previously framed.

Actually I decided I would remove the drywall to the right of this spot.  I need to try and deaden the loud sounds that come from a dust collector which will sit in my washroom.  (I'll post more about this in future posts, but it includes a thick insulation between the walls, so I need to get between the studs for that.)

Here's the view from the washroom.  The taps you see are the plumbing for a washing machine, which I thought I would leave for future use if this is turned back into a house.

Now to sound proof and then tape and mud the drywall...

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