Framing Walls in Two Places

As I've said previously, I need to make a small wall between the workshop and the retail area.  I want to keep the retail spot as clean as possible, and having a woodworking shop beside it means they must be separated by a wall.

The last blog post left us with the laminate removed and the floor area patched where a grate once was. In fact that grate, that I thought was for heat, turned out to be a cold air return (oops!) Regardless, I did not want it there.

I had to frame an angled wall just past the stairs.

Here is the view from the other side where the workshop will be.  This shows why the wall had to be angled slightly, there is a window across from the stairs:

The other place I had to frame in a wall was where the washroom opens in to the workshop.  For some reason this was not framed in, there was a second washroom just in front of it, which had a sink in it and the floor plumbing for a toilet. I will keep the small washroom in the back corner, that room will also house my dust collection.

As you can see there is a lot of patching to do and drywall is not my forté.

I am happy with the progress, but still look forward to having my table saw and other tools out of storage and at the workshop.

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