Monday, October 19, 2015

Front Door

This is a photo of the front of my workshop when I bought it.

I thought I would be keeping  the front door but the more I looked at it...

the more I saw that it wasn`t in very good condition.

The bottom was rusted and separating from the door:

The door seals were painted over and brittle

and the threshold was coming apart from the wet and rotten wood under the sill

I decided that I had better buy a new door and remove the old one:

Some patching was required on the floor around the bottom of the door

My husband helped put the new door in on the weekend.  It was a cold and blustery day, so the help was welcomed.

I put some new trim around the edges to match the trim around the windows.  I scraped the old flaky paint off the three lower windows and painted them and the new door trim in white.

As you can see, the whole house needs painting, something that will have to wait for next year because I think it will not be warm enough over the next few months to get it done.

Now the screen door.

It was not in the best condition, the screen was broken through, the bottom piece was no longer attached and the bottom of the door was black, not something you would want to greet customers.

I took the door down and had Eric remove the screen and power wash it. The bottom horizontal piece had broken `tongues` so that it was no longer glued to the vertical pieces.

I made new biscuit type tongues to fit into the grooves of the vertical door sides.

I glued it back together and then put on a coat of primer and three coats of paint.  I tried to use spray paint but it was impossible to get into the curved areas, so I switched to painting by brush. It was quite a tedious job.  I sprayed the handle with black and bought new black hinges and put on a new screen.

I also sprayed the outside lights black and obviously need to make a new sign, but... I`m getting there!

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  1. Sweet! although I think I preferred it without the screen door... the screen will be nice during the warmer months though.

    I love my own new doors - what a huge difference in appearance and in weather proofing!

  2. Each project is one more off your list. The new front door sounds like a good investment and sure looks nicer. Geat job on making the screen door look new again too. Hope you have a great week, Julie.

  3. I know that it must feel really good to walk up to this door when you come to work, and see such a lovely sight. This project was a perfect example of one thing leads to another ... door, rot, dirt, more rot. Looks awesome now!

  4. I love the new door, and the screen door is gorgeous. What a great job you did in restoring it! Beautiful!

  5. awwww, soooo cute Julie! I love that you were able to salvage the screen door! I need a new situation for my front door.... but don't want to give up the storm door. I've always had one, but not sure why I need it. Decisions, decisions.....

    great job TEAM!

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