Friday, November 27, 2015

Goodbye Chestnut

We had two large trees in the front yard of the new workshop house.  The one on the left was a chestnut tree and was dying.  You can see from this photo taken in the summer when we bought the place that the tree on the left had dead branches.  The tree on the right, we've been told, is a dwarf maple, planted by the town after it had to widen the street and take out some nice trees many, many years ago.

Well, a neighbour said he could use the wood from the chestnut, so he came and cut it down.

I am working in the new place everyday and even though it was only a few months ago that I started this renovation, it's hard to believe that it once looked like this in the new workshop room:

This is how it looks today:

I'm working on my retail space right now, and it's turning out really well.  I will post about that soon...


  1. awww, poor tree! I hate having to take out old trees.... but it has to be done.

    anxious to see your retail space Julie!

  2. It's always sad to take out a tree, even if it's declining like yours was. Necessary, but still sad.

  3. Sorry you lost a tree, but at least you got it down before it could cause any damage. I can't wait to see your retail space too and hope you get a lot of customers.


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